9 tactics you are missing in your social media marketing strategy

According to an estimate by eMarketer, the number of social network users in the world will reach about 2.77 billion in 2019. In 2017, it was 2.46 billion. In addition to the growth in user base, the social media world is constantly evolving. There … [Read more...]

How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is 62% less costly and generates up to three times more leads than outbound marketing. No longer do you have to reach out to the consumer, you can now have them come to you instead. That's the power of content marketing. But, it's … [Read more...]

5 Bad Habits that Will Tank Your Social Media Marketing

When I think about social media, I start to sound a lot like somebody's cranky grandma. Back when I was starting out in marketing, we didn't have all this Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook. If you wanted to run an ad, you bought a classified. In the … [Read more...]

How Kraft Heinz Combined Video Ads With Influencer Marketing to Drive Mac & Cheese Sales

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3 Dos and Don’ts to Follow in B2B Content Marketing – Quuu

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Unpacking the era of influencer marketing

georgejmclittle via 123RF.com. As a result, marketers are finding influencer investments to be not only worthwhile but necessary. Marketers are also choosing to embrace turnkey providers such as Indahash or Webfluential for managing influencer … [Read more...]

5 Major Tips to Build & Improve Your Online Presence with Content Marketing

You know what's essential to finding success with content marketing?Building your online presence strategically and consistently.As you construct your content foundation, your authority grows. As your authority grows, people's trust in you grows, … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing And Amazon Selling courses,tools and Advices. %

To get Amazon Product reviews, they are many things you can do but not limited to following up with customers. Today, we are going to share with you a very good tool that can help you to send emails correctly so that you can get product reviews. All … [Read more...]

Influencer marketing platform Buzzoole introduces automated reporting on Instagram Stories

Influencer marketing platform Buzzoole has launched a new integration with Instagram that will allow brands to monitor 'stories-based' influencer marketing campaigns.The platform, owned by Facebook, recently reached one billion monthly users and … [Read more...]

7 Worst Content Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

This article was contributed by Daniel Ross. On the surface, content marketing looks easy to pull off. Newsflash: it's not. When people read an entry or article published on a website, they don't see the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed. … [Read more...]