6 Tips For Email Marketing Success This Holiday Season

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6 simple steps to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns

Communicators know that building long-term trust is crucial. Trust previously derived from high-quality marketing materials and effective sales teams; now it comes from third-party influencers that sales teams never meet. According to one study, … [Read more...]

Email marketing platform SendGrid prices upsized IPO at $16, above the range

SendGrid, which provides a cloud-based platform for automated emails and marketing campaigns, raised $131 million by offering 8.2 million shares at $16, above the range of $13.50 to $15.50. SendGrid plans to list on the NYSE under the symbol SEND. … [Read more...]

SEO Metrics 101: How to Measure Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

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4 Fixes for More Effective Content Marketing

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3 simple rules for effective email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-efficient way to promote your business and connect with clients past, present and potential. The beauty of email marketing is that it reaches a wide audience at a negligible cost and can be curated for nearly any occasion. … [Read more...]

Influencer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

2017 End of Year Social Audit As a business owner, it can take a significant amount of time and money to deal with all the nuances of digital marketing. Generating engagement, follows, clicks, impressions, and likes; boosting posts, promoting … [Read more...]

5 Signs it’s Time for an Email Marketing Makeover

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Why marketers are disillusioned with social media marketing

The number one social media challenge for marketers according to Mary Meeker's 2017 report is measuring ROI (61%). Why are so many marketers finding social ROI challenging? As marketers have leapt into social media they've been keen to embrace new … [Read more...]

How Influencer Marketing is going to be different in 2018?

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