Amazon Wants to Help Write Your Book

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Amazon helping authors write better books by using the “wisdom of crowds”

Amazon is turning to its millions of users to help authors transform their manuscripts into salable titles. launched a service, called Write On, that lets authors open their book drafts to other Amazon users and solicit comments and suggestions.
And it is prepping a separate program that lets users vote for finished works worthy of publication through its in-house imprints, starting with e-books.

  • Write On allows authors to post their work at any stage of the writing process and engage with readers who may suggest any number of revisions. The site already includes dozens of works and, for some, comments on aspects as detailed as a misplaced comma.
  • Separately, Amazon has begun soliciting completed manuscripts for a program that could net an author a $1,500 advance and publishing contract with Amazon. The publishing program will launch in coming weeks.

Amazon will post sample pages of manuscripts to a website where customers can vote on them. Based on the voting and other factors, Amazon may publish e-book and audio versions and split royalties 50% with the author. Authors retain print publication rights, the spokesperson said.

Amazon uses a similar system for the original television series, such as “Alpha House” and “Transparent,” now streaming for free to subscribers to Amazon Prime service. In that case, the company posts a pilot episode and factors voting into the decision to produce a full season.