Evernote for Windows Gets Better

Evernote for Windows Gets Better Search, Color Coded Notebooks and Tags

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The latest version of Evernote makes it easier to navigate your notebooks, search your notes easily, and organize notebooks and notes by color. There are a lot of great new features in this latest update.

Our favorite feature is the color coding for notebooks and tags. Right-click on a notebook or tag and choose Style… to assign it a color or add font formatting to note titles. It’s another layer of organization you can use with your notes to help quickly identify them.

Check out the improvements for Evernote Windows  Unveiling the new Evernote for Windows

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SiteSell Content Team

The SiteSell Content Team is responsible for creating the premium ‘distraction free’ content for our customers including the Action Guide, Video Action Guide, Help, Tips, Techniques, Monetization articles and much more. The team also supports our customers in the Community forums.


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Understanding Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

Marketers often exchange the terms demand generation (demand gen) for lead generation (lead gen), but they’re not the same strategies.

  • Companies with dedicated sales teams can deploy both strategies simultaneously.
    • The process may be very similar, and tactics may even be identical between the two strategies.For instance, I still may aggressively pursue search, social and PR strategies to build awareness and drive either demand or leads.I may develop an infographic or whitepaper that helps nurture a lead or encourage a purchase decision.
  • If I’m attempting to generate leads, though, I may put more emphasis on the expertise of the company and how establishing a relationship between the two long-term would be great strategically.
  • Success or measurement may differ between the two strategies, though.
  • For demand generation, I may be more focused on the reach of my marketing and the resulting conversions.
  • For lead generation, I may be more focused on the quantity of qualified sales leads.

The marketing team is just responsible for the quantity and quality of the leads handed off.


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