Dating and Digital Strategy

You’re ready for the world to know what you’re all about. How you're different; approachable,  alluring, easy-on-the-eyes. This is your digital strategy, not your dating profile, yet courting a customer is a lot like getting a date, both … [Read more...]

Content Curation Tips For Your Website

Make sure that your content portrays your ability to [portray the problems] of your customers and how [your product solves] the problems. Include landing pages with specific content personalized for each persona. Audience Personas include … [Read more...]

How a Local Business Can Improve SEO

The first step is to find the right keywords that customers use to find you. Fortunately, Google is getting much smarter about understanding how terms can relate to one another. The most valuable thing you can do for your local business is … [Read more...]

Google Maps Easy to Spam

Google invests significant money and man-power to fight system abuse related to Google Maps. While they are getting closer, Google Maps seems to need some more anti-spam work done. Other SEO’s mentioned they know people who claim they can … [Read more...]

Organic Search Drives 51% Of Traffic and Social Only 5%

A new BrightEdge study found organic search drives 51 percent of all visitors to B2B and B2C websites, trumping all other non-organic search channels, including paid search (10%) and social (5%). Traffic Sources:BrightEdge went beyond breaking down … [Read more...]

Google Announces the End of Author Photos in Search

Google is dropping authorship photos from most search results.  Up until now, if you verified your authorship through Google+, and Google choose to display it, you might have seen your author photo displayed in Google search results. This included … [Read more...]

Google Tag Manager Guide

While Google Tag Manager is available now to anyone looking to sign up, some potential adopters are hesitant to implement the product until they find answers about how they can test whether the product is working appropriately for their site. The … [Read more...]

How to Build a Smart Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketers the world over know how important inbound marketing has become over the last few years. What do you need for a decent marketing plan? Three things: a budget, resources, and reporting measures. What else? If you’re serious about marketing, … [Read more...]

SEO Insight On Google’s New Algorithm

Hummingbird is a definite expansion of Google’s semantic capability evident at the search interface level that reveals, significantly, two things, said David Amerland, search engine expert and author of Google Semantic Search. First, Google has … [Read more...]

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is The New SEO

SEO includes Social Media signals these days. The concept of SMO has been kicked around for a while, but much like SEO it’s always been kind of a gray area, a moving target. How do you optimize what people are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and … [Read more...]