How to Choose Your Coffee [Infographic]

Studies have shown that coffee has health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. Coffee also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of … [Read more...]

THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION | Are you participating?

 Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the opportunities of new digital technologies. The aim of integrating digital technology into all areas of a … [Read more...]

Evernote for Windows Gets Better

Evernote for Windows Gets Better Search, Color Coded Notebooks and Tags The latest version of Evernote makes it easier to navigate your notebooks, search your notes easily, and organize notebooks and notes by color. There are a lot of great … [Read more...]

Make Content Marketing Work With an Agile Team

Even on an Agile team, content creation is a long-term, ongoing effort that can seem out of sync with the constant experimentation and iteration that characterizes an Agile team. And yet, content needs to roll with changing market forces, respond to … [Read more...]

Social Brands With Awesome Blogs

Whether you’re a small business or a big enterprise, it’s imperative that you have a content marketing strategy. That is, a way to market your products and services online using relevant, useful content published and distributed through your … [Read more...]

Microsoft joins Big Data And Analytics

Microsoft announced the Cortana Analytics Suite. It takes the company’s machine learning, big data and analytics products and packages them together in one suite. “Our goal was to bring integration of these pieces so customers have a comprehensive … [Read more...]

Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising

New research on the variables surrounding the waning efficacy of outbound marketing and the return on investing in content marketing and/or native advertising. The average content marketing campaign can deliver KPIs equal to or better than most … [Read more...]

Traits Of The Most Successful People

The Common Traits Of  Success Do you have a routine for focus and a feeling of connectedness in your work? These great innovators had these traits in common.  What makes someone ordinary become extraordinary? Is it their intellect or good luck? Is … [Read more...]

Landing Pages Tips That Convert

What goes into a successful landing pages: 1. Create Landing Pages for the Different Stages of the Sales Cycle The same offers and content won’t be relevant to all your leads. Consider what someone who just discovered your company would be … [Read more...]

Innovators using low cost API economy building blocks

Photo by ottonassar The IT sector is turning in on itself to find a new set of winners. In fact innovators need to look more broadly because 2015 is going to be tough; it will bring more pressure to get results faster and cheaper; more need to be … [Read more...]