Harvard Business Journal’s Power of 1% in Digital Transformation

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Influencer Marketing: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Influencer Marketing: How to Find the Perfect Fit October 16, 2017 by Louise Myers Leave a Comment Considering influencer marketing? Wondering how to make it work for your business? This infographic has your answers! Influencer marketing is … [Read more...]

Influencer marketing can drive decisions or it can create context

It's October 16th, 2017 and I've fallen deep into a blogging hole. After ten years of creating tons of opportunities by blogging - I have not excuse not to write up a quick post about the things on my mind more or less every day. So I'm going to do … [Read more...]

Tools and Technical Tips for Optimizing your Content Marketing Results

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45 Content Marketing Best Practices That Are Actually Myths

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Social media monitor Brandwatch acquires content marketing platform BuzzSumo

Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company has acquired BuzzSumo, a content marketing and influencer identification platform, for an undisclosed sum. BuzzSumo never raised beyond Seed stage and was in effect bootstrapped by its founders. The … [Read more...]

8 Genius Examples of Empathetic Content Marketing in Action

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Micro Influencer: A comprehensive Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers have 22.2 times more conversations weekly about recommendations on what to buy when compared to an average consumer Influencers in the 10k-100k follower range offer the best combination of engagement and broad reach 59 percent of … [Read more...]

82 Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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Mastering Real-Time Content Curation with Twitter with Ross Quintana

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