Conquering Content Marketing with Measurement

How the concept of measurement plays into content marketing:

Content Marketing Framework Measurement

Companies see massive spikes in traffic (and sales) when the company makes news headlines, often regardless of whether it is good or bad publicity.

  • Even turning a scandal into news can create exposure for marketing campaigns and drive traffic to the company’s website, but there is no silver bullet when it comes to marketing.
  • You have to experiment to find out what works, and it starts with tracking.

And most marketers do have tracking in place. According to Marketing Sherpa’s 2013 analytics research, 96 percent of markets have analytics data setup on their campaigns.

Most Marketers Have Analytics Data

But they’re spending the majority of their time fiddling with reporting instead of actually extracting insights and testing their hypotheses.

Marketers focus more on generating reports than gathering insights

We all know the cliche:  If you can’t track it, it’s not worth doing it.

  • But you can’t just generate reports and call it a day.
  • Convert the data into learning that can be applied to your next campaign.


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