Content Creation Hacks You Need

Content Marketing Institute reports that most marketers — across industry sectors — are creating more content than they were last year.kk

As very few organizations claim content creation as a core competency, many are wondering how they should go about developing all of these new blog posts, videos, and images required by today’s customer.

Here are four content creation hacks every marketer should be employing.

Relentlessly Repurpose Your Content

Relentlessly repurpose all of the content you create.

Pew Research does this by sharing individual data points on Instagram, which point to a longer blog post about the research, which then invites you to download the entire study. As expensive as formal research is, it makes sense to repurpose as much as possible. This also provides an opportunity for you to get the team involved. Make re-imagining your content an internal challenge by encouraging others to offer ideas on additional forms of content you can create.

Utilizing Historical Content

If your business has any kind of history, chances are there are boxes of old photos in some closet or storage facility. Have an intern digitize this old-school content so that you can give it new life online. Whether it’s #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram or populating Facebook’s timeline feature, these content classics can be a tremendous asset

Curating Your Content

Beyond finding ways to repurpose as much of your brand’s internal content as possible, there are other sources you can leverage outside your organization through content curation. Examples include a blog post or email newsletter that rounds up the best articles on a particular subject. With budgets spread thin, curation is a viable part of the mix for many.

Avoid thinking of curation as simply a low-cost alternative to content creation. Both should be viewed as complementary approaches to the same overall strategy — providing your community with useful content.

Encouraging User-Generated Content

The final external source for content is your own community. User-generated content is valuable in more ways than one. First, it’s content you don’t have to create that you can turnaround and share again, which brings us to our second point. User-generated content is powerful as it demonstrates in a very public way that your audience is engaged

All four of these approaches — relentlessly repurposing, utilizing historical content, content curation, and user-generated-content — provide useful hacks as you work to simplify the complicated task of content creation both internally and externally.

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