Content Curation Care of the Huffington Post

Content Curation Care of  the Huffington Post

The Art of Social Media

The Art of Social Media (Photo credit: mkhmarketing)

How did one woman’s blog evolve into one of the biggest sources of news and opinion on the Internet?

  • Selecting the right stories and making sure the headlines pop.
  • The Huffington Post (HuffPo) practically invented this particular game.

The publication goes for a highly effective mix of great guest bloggers, conversation-starting topics, and provocative headlines to give social media users something they can’t help sharing. The right names combined with topics that get people riled up ensure that HuffPo stays popular in an age when more and more people are getting their news entirely online.

Even outside the news world, proper content curation drives traffic better than any ad can hope. By knowing what your audience finds interesting and giving them quick, concise content to learn from and share, you’ll bring something of value to the table and associate your organization’s brand with being in the know.

As every example above demonstrates, content continues to be king on the Internet. People use social media to connect with one another, but they also use it as a streamlined way to find interesting content without having to dig around too much on their own.

Using a content-based strategy for social media engagement will bring users to your virtual doorstep and keep them coming back because they trust your organization to give them something worthwhile without necessarily asking anything in return.

via The Social Bump: How Social Media Boost Your Site’s Traffic

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