Content Curation Ideas for Your Editorial Calendar

For content curation to be effective and drive measurable content marketing results use a variety of curation techniques.

Options for filling your editorial calendar:

  • Share on social media: This is curated content in its starkest form. It simply involves sharing a few words and a relevant link on your favorite social media channel — a technique that is especially popular on Twitter.
  • Create new content by adding your own commentary to relevant third-party content: This format is what most people think of when they hear the term curated content, and is an easy way to associate your business with news, trends, and smart conversations that are taking place in your industry.
  • Aggregate curated lists: Lists are a very specific content format; for a list to qualify as content curation, it must collect information from a variety of sources.
  • Work with others to co-create social content: This is a form of user-generated content that removes the risks because you, the curator, are in charge of the content and presentation.
  • Rank the best: Think Top-10 lists and the like. This type of content curation is golden ego-bait — the people are personally driven to tell everyone they know about them!
  • Select the best tidbits for your audience: The key to content curation success with this format is knowing what will matter most to your readers. The objective is to save your audience time by choosing the best of what’s available and providing one-stop access to it.
  • Create a gallery: Don’t limit your content curation to text. Think beyond your own publishing platform, and create galleries on your social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Publish more than one form of curated content! You don’t want your target audience to think your curated content is dull, so mix it up with a combination of the techniques described above.

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