Content Marketing Adopts a Publisher Mindset

What It Means to Adopt a Publisher Mindset and Steps to Making It Happen

bookstats_data_cubeAdopting a publisher mindset means understanding what publishers value, what they look for in content, and then what they feel needs to be done to that content once it’s published.

  • Publishers like strict schedules.

Because publications deal with so much content, they almost always have a strict schedule and stick to it. In the new-age of blogging, sometimes schedules are more flexible, and while this usually isn’t a big deal, it’s important to consider how smoothly publications run because they have regular authors and regular columns. Furthermore, knowing how important this is to publishers can help you get your content accepted.

  • Create regular features and pieces.

Publications are normally incredibly structured, which means they often run feature pieces regularly. Many times there is a certain audience base that comes back just to read a feature piece, and it’s a good way to keep your content in line and offer something unique that your competitors aren’t offering readers.

  • Create content for a specific purpose.

A publishing mindset means focusing on the people that you want to target. It’s all about getting their attention and then making the content attractive and accessible for that audience. While this may be something content marketers should also have at the forefront of their minds, it hasn’t always been that way, but for publishers it has. It’s always been about relevance to a specific audience, and it’s safe to say publishers have found success when they use this focus.

  • Think quantity.

You have to constantly produce enough content to keep a publication up and running, and while quality is a primary concern, quantity cannot be discounted.