Make sure your published content is always at its best

To make sure your published content is always at its best, consider these points.

  1. Align your content with specific sub-goals.
  2. Target specific elements of your audience.
  3. Optimize for one or two keyword search phrases.
  4. Link to additional content, both on and off of your site.
  5. Ensure your headline is as magnetic as possible.
  6. Integrate corporate branding.
  7. Communicate in a voice that’s consistent with your other content.
  8. Include an image (preferably a photograph).
  9. Format content to facilitate readability.
  10. Skip the foul language.
  11. Review your copy for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  12. Incorporate a call to action.
  13. Engage readers.

When it comes to content creation in today’s connected social media world, writing requires more than great, compelling content. And if you see your content as a place to advertise for generating traffic, leads and sales, use as compelling “Calls to Action.”

About Michael Stuart

Mike's experience in the technology industry is quite extensive, serving both as a designer of complex enterprise applications and as a corporate executive. In his previous life, Mike was founder and CEO of AssetWorks Inc. the industry leader in facility management solutions. Currently living on the Texas coast helping with digital strategies using Amplified Content Marketing.