How to Initiate a Conversation on LinkedIn

256px-linkedin_icon-svgTo initiate a conversation on LinkedIn with a prospective client or potential employee, try these steps:

  1. Do Your Homework. Research the prospect and any company they’re connecting with that you could be connected to. Common connections are a great way to establish credibility. Craft a thoughtful and unique message intended solely for that individual.

  2. Provide Value. By doing your homework, you’re set up to create a message that is valuable to your prospect. Get your point across in a concise and captivating way.

  3. Stand Out. With waves of messages come waves of monotony, and prospects will be drawn to inquiries that stand out from the crowd. Make your message both unique and interesting.

Knowing how to initiate a conversation with a prospect that is both engaging and unique can create lasting, profitable relationships!


About Michael Stuart

Mike's experience in the technology industry is quite extensive, serving both as a designer of complex enterprise applications and as a corporate executive. In his previous life, Mike was founder and CEO of AssetWorks Inc. the industry leader in facility management solutions. Currently living on the Texas coast helping with digital strategies using Amplified Content Marketing.