Example Curation Sites You Will Like

When talking about Content Curation, people usually associate it with Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

There are many more, like these sites that do content curation with great headlines, point of view, quotes and attribution to the original source, and their articles get shared.

  1. LifeHacker was one of the first productivity blogs on the web. Curated articles vary on themes.
  2. Io9, like Life Hacker, is part of the Gawker Media blog network. This blog is focused on science, future culture and entertainment. They shrink the information to the essentials and play a lot with good visuals.
  3. UpWorhthy is a generic news website got a lot of attention after an amazing growth of their audience in a very short period.
  4. 99 u  curates productivity tips, career advice for creatives, innovation and time-management.
  5. CMO.com is very focused on time saving. The curated part has one introductory hook paragraph, and the headline is usually long and very illustrative.

  • It’s always important to add some value to the content you’re sharing with the unique focus your industry or company has.
  • Content curation is great for keeping your audience engaged.

Source: 5 websites we love that use Content Curation

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