Facebook Paper for Content Marketers

The new, critically lauded, Facebook app has arrived. Here’s how to write for it. Facebook launched its newest mobile app: Facebook Paper last month.

Social-roiHow is Paper Different from Facebook?

Paper’s biggest distinction is its clean, visual look. As apps, features and functions have been added to Facebook over the years, it’s grown more and more cluttered. Paper brings it back to a simple look, featuring more white space.

This new curation method will blend real news with Facebook friend updates, exposing some users to stories they may not otherwise read. While users still complain about some bugs in the new app, it’s safe to say that Paper’s clean look will likely make it a hit and its curation style may open opportunities for brands and writers to grab the attention of a larger audience.

  • Cleaner look
  • Simple to use
  • News content is more accessible

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