Getting More Leads With A Blog

 If you are in business, generating leads has to be a top priority.

  • If you’re not already using the internet to help generate leads, then you’re wasting your website as an asset.
  • You can’t start the process of turning a blog into a lead generating powerhouse without a blog.  Before you publish your first post, you need to define a topic for your blog.

Publishing content on a frequent, consistent basis is the only way this plan is going to work. Search engines give more value to sites that publish new content frequently.

  • It’s not enough to simply bring visitors to your site with a blog post. You have to give them a reason to become a lead. This means creating premium or advanced content.
  • This is content that really helps explain the solution to a specific problem in detail, or offers more thorough, informed information. In short, this content is valuable.

Create calls to action to put on your blog posts.

  • Clicks on these calls to action should take your audience to a landing page where they can fill out a form to get your content.
  • The combination of graphics and copy on these calls to action should be designed to instill in your audience an uncontrollable urge to click.

Content Curation

  • The content you publish doesn’t all have to come directly out of your head.
  • Take the time to look at other publications in your industry, you’ll find loads of content to curate and associate yourself with trusted names who help support your point of view. Think of it as an endorsement.

Now it’s time to get started. You’re all set up to generate leads with your blog, and you’ve got a plan for curating and publishing new content.

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About Michael Stuart

Mike's experience in the technology industry is quite extensive, serving both as a designer of complex enterprise applications and as a corporate executive. In his previous life, Mike was founder and CEO of AssetWorks Inc. the industry leader in facility management solutions. Currently living on the Texas coast helping with digital strategies using Amplified Content Marketing.