How to Give your Blog a Social Personality

What Social Media Personality Tests Say About Us

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Free personality testing sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regardless of the questionable results you may get from participating in online social media personality tests, sharing your personality online, demonstrates the following:

  1. A desire for personal connection. We are designed for community.
  2. A need to reveal yourself to others. We want to be known.

Developing your social media voice should feed these basic desires. A good blog is a place where an author and the reader can become personally connected and should be central to your content marketing strategy.

The most cost-effective way to create a successful blog is to make it a source of quality information that is authored by someone readers can feel personally connected to. The first step is to give your blog a personality.

Here are three tips to give your blog a personality:

1: Attribute your blog posts to a person.

  • By simply putting a name and face with each post, your brand will become more trustworthy.

2: Focus on the quality and the tone of your content to build a personality.

  • Having a clearly defined, consistent tone of voice fosters trust and attachment.  Trust and attachment equal engagement.

3: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Tell stories and anecdotes and relate them back to your business, brand or product. This is particularly important, as people are naturally inclined to remember stories.
  • When your blog has a distinct personality, you will receive more readers who become customers.


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