How to Explain Social Networks to Non-Users

How to Explain Social Networks to Non-Users (Without Making Them Feel Stupid)Most of these posts are simply trying to explain social media and tech trends to non-users, check out these ways to do that without being condescending:

Address What Confused You

Try and remember what specifically confused you about a social network, and address that when explaining it to a non-user. If the first time you used Twitter you had no trouble understanding how to post a Tweet, maybe that process is intuitive. Focus your attention on things that aren’t so clear.

Avoid The Little Things

Avoid all the little intricacies that come along with it. Your first day on Facebook probably wasn’t spent creating an event or promoting a post with Facebook ads. Teach them the basics, enough to get them started, and allow them to discover the extra functionality on their own.

Avoid Unhelpful Comparisons

Aside from other social networks, almost nothing that came before social networks really compares to social networks. Use comparisons only when you’re sure they’ll act as a valuable reference point for the other person.

Stick to What It Is, Does, And Looks Like

The best way to learn about social networks is to use them.
Sit down with the non-user as they try the network for the first time.

Let them ask the questions.

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