Intelligent Help for Content Marketers

Content marketers must deliver clear, concise, and relevant content to the right prospect – at the right time.

Yet even very successful campaigns might see 6% conversions.  In what other industry would 94% failure be called a success?

  • Marketers need to mature and move past the marketing techniques that have dominated for decades.
  • Inaccurate personas and aiming content at the members of those imaginary groups-is no longer enough.
  • Marketers need to marry information about the individual humans they hope to convert with the power of advanced techniques designed to help deliver the right piece of content to the right prospect at the right time on the device of their choosing.
  • Content marketers need intelligent content.

What is intelligent content?


Simply put, it is content that is not limited to one purpose, technology, or output. It is content that is intentionally designed and constructed to be modular, structurally rich, and semantically aware-and is therefore discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.

It’s content that is both able to be read by humans and processed by machines.

When implemented correctly, it can help content marketers deliver the right pieces of content to the right prospects with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

  • Content marketers can-and should-borrow lessons learned from technical communication professionals who have adopted intelligent content.
  • Doing so will afford marketers the opportunity to beat the competition by differentiating themselves from the pack.


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