Repurposing for Content Marketing

Beyond the value extension of content through repurposing is the function of personalizing content for different markets and using a modular approach to segmenting useful information for specific audience targeting.


Personas (Photo credit: nicolasnova)

Before you repurpose, reuse, and refresh content there are a few things to think about first.

  • Personas:  Who is your audience?
  • Editorial:  What topics will you use to engage with them?
  • Content:  What materials to use to engage with them?

It’s essential to know who you are creating and repurposing content for in order to create a more useful experience for buyers and to be more effective as a marketer. A few ways you can better understand your target audience include:

  • Buyer research
  • Seller interviews
  • Keyword research
  • Social listening
  • Direct Observation

When identifying personas, also include who their influencers are (roles, vendors, companies).  A good persona provides insight for content ideation, creation and marketing.

Creating Personas:

  • Name
  • Personal profile
  • Job description
  • Challenges or desires
  • Content needs
  • Preferred media to receive information

How Personals Provide Insight into Editorial Planning

  • Pain points
  • Keyword research
  • Jobs description
  • Attributes
  • Desires
  • Used to brainstorm content

Editorial Topics. Talk about content that relates to what customers care about relevant to your products and services. When you have to create a large amount of content, start with broad topics.

1. Evaluate your content, start with promotion in mind
2. It takes time, budget and effort to repurpose, reuse and repackage.
3. Create a RRR (repurpose, reuse, refresh) plan

Start with flagship content and connect the dots by pulling in materials form different pieces of content.


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