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Plexi Search
Diffbot: Crawlbot
Nuzzel FriendNews
Make a map from a list of multiple locations, use addresses, postcodes, or coordinates.
Speed up the performance of your web pages with an automated analysis
VoiceBase allows to keyword search, share and store audio and video recordings.
WebMeUp backlink tool has the web’s fastest growing index of links (besides Google of course). In August 2013 this will become the largest database of links on the planet. Every day it’s crawling 130,000,000 webpages and storing over 15,000,000,000 new external backlinks.
Scam check
Conduit Mobile
Temper lets you easily measure customers’ moods at every touchpoint over time so you can see how changes to your product or service affect overall satisfaction.
Easily setup and configure Google Analytics for your advanced tracking needs. From setting up cross domain tracking to tracking events – you can learn how to configure Google Analytics for free.
The easiest way to get started creating HTML with microdata
NewsEngin is the only vendor on the planet to provide a mature and malleable engine for digital and print publishing that embodies the ethos of a professional newsroom — at an exceptional price. Our software offers a tremendous competitive advantage to news organizations that use it, both to reduce costs and to build audience.
WSJ Technology
Technology News & Computers, Mobile, Internet and Trends in Innovation
Demo | AlchemyAPI
AlchemyAPI’s text analysis demo showcases each of AlchemyAPI’s NLP powered functions.
Sonar Solo
Discover what the world is thinking right now
View – Free traffic, earnings, ip, location, rankings report about
Test the Semantria engine with an easy to use demo for online text analysis & sentiment analysis.
Geocode your own geoposition (latitude, longitude, elevation), create free geotags, geo-metatags and kml files for your website or weblog. Includes reverse lookup: Enter a geocoded website, we will display it’s position on a map
User friendly tools for WordPress developers.
Textpattern Resources
Search our prezi archive to find inspiration, designs, or ideas that you can copy and make your own.
Free text verbatim analysis made easy with dynamic word clouds, WordyUP is the next generation of thematic analysis of unstructured feedback.
Review, Compare and Evaluate small business software. GetApp has software offers, SaaS and Cloud Apps, independent evaluations and reviews
The AJAX Code Playground is an educational tool to show code examples for various Google Javascript APIs.
Summarize articles, editorials and essays automatically for quick reading. Free document summarization.
Google Databoard
Timeline JS
Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.
Watch your social channels grow by 86% just by sharing the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time, everyday.
Online Dictionary
Welcome to free Web tools to get start our free and best tools on Internet for your website promotion.
Identify your competitor’s most shared content and find out who shared their content.
LikeAlyzer helps you to measure and analyze the potential and success rate of your Facebook Pages.

css is a free, fully categorized and searchable RSS directory.







Google+ aims to encourage people to start exploring the world of non-corporate news and analysis.

InkybeeSimple, smart blogger outreach

ZipMapsThis page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes for the neighborhood Mustang-Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas. (TX).


BrokeLinkFree Broken Link Checker – checks your website for bad links / dead hyperlinks online


Google Webmaster Tools  | Google AdWords Keyword Tool  | YouTube keyword tool 

Ahrefs  This tool specializes in link analysis. Users enter their desired URL to see the number of backlinks attached to it, as well as each one’s type (e.g. text, no-follow, redirect, image or frame), referring IPs and domains.

SEO Book  With both free and premium webmaster tools, SEO Book offers a massive suite of capabilities, including a keyword suggestion tool, keyword list generator, keyword list cleaner, a meta tag generator, a link suggestion tool, keyword density analyzer, a page comparison tool and even a typo generator, among many others.

WooRank  Users can run a free website review with this tool, which then provides them with tips on how to improve their SEO efforts and even find the right SEO company for their needs.

SEO Doctor  SEO Doctor is a Firefox extension that provides users with a brief overview of their site by looking at all of the elements that pertain to search engine optimization. It then alerts the user of where improvements need to be made to improve its rank based on the current algorithm requirements.

Alexa  This is a popular free Web analytics solution that lets users study their websites to see how well it meets SEO standards. Compete: Compete helps you to monitor your online competition, benchmark your performance against your industry, and discover new business opportunities.  If you’re just looking to check the keyword density of a page on your site, is a great tool. And in addition to its Keyword Density Analyzer, it also has an Article Analyzer, Keyword Proximity Analyzer, Search Engine Comparison Tool and other useful SEO solutions.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit  Microsoft SEO Toolkit as Bing’s answer to all of Google’s comprehensive webmaster and keyword tools. It analyzes websites based on Bing’s search engine algorithm, and it can tell users how fast their websites are so that they can know if it is performing up to par.

getRank  This is a pretty comprehensive suite of SEO tools for not just search engine optimization, but also website analysis and research. getRank tools include website rank checkers, link tools, keyword tools, header/tag tools, search engine tools, IP tools, source code tools and many more.

SEMRush  With the free version of SEMRush, users can input up to 10 queries a day. The solution analyzes domains and returns a listing of organic keywords, potential competitors, ad suggestions and more.

SEOCentro  Here is a suite of SEO tools that can analyze meta tags, link popularity, page rank, keywords positions, search engine saturation, page keywords and keyword density, and also offer users keyword suggestions.

SEOquake  SEOquake is great because it works seamlessly with all of the major Web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and even Internet Explorer. The tool will gather information about a user’s Web pages and then arrange them by priority, which is decided by the keyword density of each page. SEOrush  SEOrush provides an opportunity for users to get a free report on their URLs, as well as the URLs of their competitors. It will provide them with on-page SEO and off-page SEO analysis, plus information on their social presence, indexed pages, validation, meta information, standard domain information and rankings.

SEMrush Important SEO data, earch engine rankings and spy on your competitors. Must have on your SEO tool arsenal. LinkVendor  Users can quickly and efficiently evaluate their SEO practices and social visibility with LinkVendor’s suite of Web analysis, keyword server, domain and, of course, link tools, among others.

Search Engine Genie  The Search Engine Genie is a totally free service that is jam-packed with more than 100 tools that help users optimize their sites for the Big Three search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, rank checkers, domain age checkers, backlink analyzers, a Google datacenter checker, JavaScript tools, keyword tools, an HTML validator, page comparison tools and much more.

Xenu  Xenu’s Link Sleuth tool works like a spider and analyzes a website to see if it has endless loops, broken links, redirect detections and much more.

BROWSEO  After users simply enter the URL they want to check out, BROWSEO will create a “search engine version” of the site that lets them see the site the same way Google does when it’s crawling it, so that they can identify the faults and see what needs added, subtracted or enhanced on their site.

SEOmoz  One of the more comprehensive suites of SEO tools on the Web belongs to SEOmoz. Though it’s one of the few paid packages on the list, it can certainly be worth the money if one is in need of a heavy-duty SEO solution. Users can analyze keywords, research backlinks, do on-page analysis, identify accessibility issues and track their rankings from within one easy-to-use platform.

GTMetrics: analyze and test page speed online.

Other speed checkers: PingDom and WebPageTest.

CuteRank: Free keyword rank checker software that batch checks keyword position automatically.

ggGoogle Image RipperIf you use Google images often then you know what a pain it can be to view the results. This tool lets you surf the results as thumbnails and as a gallery without risking visiting a malicious website that redirects you all over the place.

GoogleKeywordPlannerGooglePenaltyCheckBasic Google Penalty Checker Plan (Fully Featured & Free) Check 1 website for Google penalties! See which Google updates impacted your websites 1 minute

IFTTTPut the internet to work for you.

igogleimoTalk to your friends on any IM network and join the imo network to make new friends.





KeywordDensityFree tool to help you find the most common words and phrases on a page.

LSISemanticsLatent Semantic Indexing. Now LSI Keywords will let you use Latent Semantic Indexing

MoreSitesLikeMoreSitesLike helps you find similar sites, related to sites topics.tag

NeedTaggerNw360Web-based version of News360 – a popular cross-platform newsreader, that gives you personalized news feeds based on your social web activity.

OnlinetoolsStrictly Software System Development Site. Free online tools for web developers and internet users. Javascript Unpackers, Compressors, URL Scanners, Encoders and URL shorteners.




SEOMozFind tools to help you conduct keyword research, track your social media, optimize your local business listings, and more.

SEOToolsSiteLinksOpen Site Explorer is a free tool that provides webmasters the ability to see up to 10,000 links to any site or page on the web via the Linkscape web index. Powered by SEOmoz

SocialEars is a Social Media Listening and Influence Analysis, and Social Media Influence Engagement SaaS provider


GTmetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance. Using Page Speed and YSlow, GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them.Spundge It

T-ScLife on the Texas Gulf Coast

TextTRY ME! Case Converter is a free online tool that converts any text to either uppercase, lowercase, propercase or sentence case. Simple, quick and easy to use!



Hashtagify.meFind the best Twitter hashtags to reach your audience. Search their relations and influencers with the most advanced Twitter Hashtags Search Engine.


UbersuggestGet thousands keywords ideas in a minute with this amazing keyword suggestion tool: Übersuggest is Google Suggest on steroids!

Social MentionSocial Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.

VisualThesaurusWebRankWebRank Page is a service, which helps in Search Engine Optimization, through information about potential issues, recommended solution and help your growth.



BadLinkCheckFree Broken Link Checker / Online URL Validator – find bad / dead hyperlinks helps publishers deliver their content to the social web, including twitter and facebook.

XmarksOffers bookmark synchronization, search enhancement and web discovery based on sites bookmarked by users.