Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is The New SEO

SEO includes Social Media signals these days.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is The New SEO
The concept of SMO has been kicked around for a while, but much like SEO it’s always been kind of a gray area, a moving target. How do you optimize what people are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and Google+?

How do you control what people see when they share your content on Social Networks?

The good news is, there are a whole bunch of ways you can optimize your content and control how people share and interact with your content on Social Media. The bad news is, there are a whole bunch of tags you need to utilize to optimize your content for SMO.

Since Facebook and LinkedIn rely on the Open Graph protocol, and Twitter offers meta tags, and Google+ would like you to use semantic microdata markup.

  • You can control the images, titles and texts that people share so you know exactly what message will be conveyed to social networks when your blog post, product page, or whatever gets shared.
  • And what about Twitter cards?
  • And especially Google+ Authorship?

You do know how to get your little face next to your blog post in search results?

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