Strengthen Influencer Relationships

Tips for stronger relationships with your and your customer’s influencers.


INFLUENCERS  (Photo credit: AntoineWentzler)

1) Make Them Look Good

Influence is build on the public social web through third party earned media from other influencers and social network communities. Have your brand share influencer content, refer and link to them in blog posts, and generally lavish public praise on them. You may even want to create a public list of your most important influencers.

2) Hire Them

One of the fastest ways to get their attention  is to hire them for a project.

3) Throw A Special Event

 Host a networking reception for bloggers and online personas with a unique speaker at a great venue . Influencers tend to be solo or small entrepreneurs and they like perks.

4) Send Them Some Love

Just like any other important business relationship, it’s important to remind influencers that they matter to you.

5) Develop Content that Features Them

Influencers  live on social equity and  are trying to build businesses. Help them achieve both of these things by creating high end content that rises above the standard blog or photograph.

6) Support Their Books or Papers

Most influencers write books as center points of their business and thought leadership pieces to drive influence. Beyond the obvious benefits of writing a book, they also require an enormous investment of time and creativity.

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