Content Marketing & Content For Sales

ontent marketing and content for sales are both the practice of using content to draw closer to the buyer, but what's the difference? Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso, explains in this short five-minute video. Content marketing is generally associated … [Read more...]

Influencer Marketing in the Cryptocurrency Age

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How beauty brands have evolved their influencer marketing

The beauty industry had adopted influencer marketing more fervently than any other industry. With big budgets and a less tangible product than, say, fashion or homeware - influencers (or digital talent) can bring products to life, and help to create … [Read more...]

How to understand searcher intent and use it to boost SEO rankings

Search engines exist to provide users with results that are relevant to the search query. Smart SEO campaigns are built on an understanding of how your audience searches around your industry, products and services. A key point here is understanding … [Read more...]

Expert Influencer Marketing Tips To Introduce Brands To A Niche Segment

Influencer marketing is a perfect tool for introducing your brand to a niche segment, encouraging prospective buyers to try your products. However, since it is a relatively new, influencer marketing is a little trickier than other marketing … [Read more...]

How to Get Content Marketing Wrong? Think Like a PR Person

If you want to be taken seriously as a content marketer, stop acting like a member of the PR team. If you want to show that content marketing is a distinct contributor to business results, stop using only PR metrics. Every time you use PR-centered … [Read more...]

Influencer Marketing, Media Relations Pack One-Two Punch

Influencer marketing continues to increase its appeal. But as this communications vehicle gains prominence, the onus is on PR pros to determine how best to engage the people and organizations who can be very influential supporters as well as … [Read more...]

How Content Marketing Drives Sales Throughout the Buyers’ Journey

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6 Surprisingly Simple Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips

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3 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Improve SEO

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