How to Choose Your Coffee [Infographic]

Studies have shown that coffee has health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. Coffee also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of … [Read more...]

IBM-Powered AI Platform Wants to Reinvent the Influencer Marketing Model

A new content marketing platform is tapping artificial intelligence to match brands with content creators—but it doesn't consider itself to be in the influencer business.Built on technology from IBM Watson, the startup Props announced on Thursday … [Read more...]

Does Influencer marketing really work?

Yes, if you do it right. Hint: when you hire an Influencer, ask THEM to recommend the best way they can influence for you rather than telling them what to do. PS/I also recommend to read Interview Influencers with Style.. My 2019 predictions for the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Find Bloggers For Influencer Marketing

Your smartphone starts lagging, and you decide to buy a new one. You start googling products, but there are millions of sites, ads, and reviews to keep up with. While branded content shows only good sides of popular products, customer reviews are … [Read more...]

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Engagement Rates Drop

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Engagement Rates Drop Instagram's engagement rates dropped precipitously this week as a result of an API change.Using our in-house analytics software, we examined the likes, comments, and account sizes of the top 500 … [Read more...]

You Ask, I Answer: How to Evaluate Influencer Marketing Software?

Jim asks, "What should we be looking for in influencer marketing software? We need a BS detector for all the sales pitches." Influencer marketing software has to fulfill at least one of three functions: Identification - finding influencers through … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for 2019

Preparing to move into another year, it is time to evaluate our marketing strategies. What has worked for you and what hasn't. And, I can tell you NOW Influencer Marketing will DOMINATE the online business arena. When I notice the tide turning … [Read more...]

Harvard Business Journal’s Power of 1% in Digital Transformation

Many organizations are moving to adopt digital technologies, but the speed of adoption is ever increasing and most organizations need to move at a faster pace to avoid competitive disadvantage. A new approach is needed where companies commit to an … [Read more...]

THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION | Are you participating?

 Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the opportunities of new digital technologies. The aim of integrating digital technology into all areas of a … [Read more...]

Even social networks are struggling with influencer marketing

The following is a guest post from Gil Eyal, CEO and co-founder of HYPR Brands. Aside from the fact that they used a competitor's platform, Snap's approach was fairly standard. Snap hired social media star Luka Sabbat to promote Snap Spectacles on … [Read more...]