Instagram Influencer Marketing: Engagement Rates Drop

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Engagement Rates Drop Instagram's engagement rates dropped precipitously this week as a result of an API change.Using our in-house analytics software, we examined the likes, comments, and account sizes of the top 500 … [Read more...]

Harvard Business Journal’s Power of 1% in Digital Transformation

Many organizations are moving to adopt digital technologies, but the speed of adoption is ever increasing and most organizations need to move at a faster pace to avoid competitive disadvantage. A new approach is needed where companies commit to an … [Read more...]

Content is the fuel that engages your audience on social media.

Content is the fuel that engages your audience on social media. To engage (meaning) to succeed in attracting and keeping somebody’s attention and interest. Here are nine proven ways to create and share engaging social media content. Stop Using … [Read more...]

Vertical Networks May Be the Future of Influencer Marketing

One of the terms internet startups loved to use in the early days with venture capitalists was "one-stop shop." It signified a company that provides a multitude of services—one that's able to service an entire category and can claim ownership to a … [Read more...]

99 Collaboration Tools You Should Know in 2019

Collaboration tools drive business today. In the last two decades, organizations have learned, sometimes through painful trial and error, that email and meetings aren't adequate tools on their own for people to work together. (Can you believe anyone … [Read more...]

How to Capture Qualify and Close Sales Leads

Everyone wants traffic, but few know how to get it. That was the hypothesis behind the birth of Growth Machine, an SEO-focused content marketing agency. If you’re involved in sales for an agency or another business with a sales cycle, there’s … [Read more...]

28 Social Media Marketing Stats For 2018

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years. The internet has been instrumental in shaping human interaction around the world, in a manner not seen before. With the world population at about 7.6 billion and the online community at 4.021 billion, … [Read more...]

Influencer Marketing: It’s Not A Funnel | Marketing Insider Group

This post was originally published on this site. Influence marketing is all the rage. Influencers get paid big bucks to capitalize on their large networks in hopes that the brands they recommend will fly off the shelves. In fact, influencers have a … [Read more...]

Workshop to focus on content marketing

The Port of Muskogee has partnered with Indian Capital Technology Center to bring Driven Digital and its marketing gurus back to Muskogee. This time around, the workshop will focus on content marketing. Driven Digital's workshop will help your … [Read more...]

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Is Dead, Report Says–Real Employees And Customers Are Better

While many (including me) have heralded influencer marketing as one of the Holy Grails of effective public relations, a new report from Sprout Social suggests that celebrity influencers are rapidly losing their power. But before you hang up the … [Read more...]