Content Curation: A Beginner’s Guide To Curating Content




From Songza to reddit, content curation is a huge part of the social web as we know it. We’re all on the same mission to find the absolute best material to enjoy and to share with our followers. This is especially true for businesses, whose customers and broader online…

The Most Common Obstacles to Closing a Sale with Website Clients

Rejection is part of the gig. And you know what? It’s okay if a prospect rejects your proposal, so long as the reason for it is valid. Perhaps your style of communication or work doesn’t blend well with the client’s. Or maybe your pricing is too far out of reach for a company of that […]

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99 Things You Can Do With Google Tag Manager

An extended list of various articles, blog posts, resources explaining one or another GTM technique that you can apply in your analytics/marketing stack. All posts are split into the following categories:
* Clicks
* Forms
* Sales, ecommerce, conversions, remarketing
* Players
* Cookies and privacy
* Browser-related, navigation
* Additional user data
* SEO-related
* Data quality
* Content-related
* Time-related
* Chats, comments
* Miscellaneous

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5 Ways a Managed WordPress Host Can Help Propel Your Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SMB, digital marketing agency, or blogger; you’re most likely always on the hunt for new strategies that can help take your […]

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The 23 Best Social Media Marketing Books

It is summer. Some of us have some free time to chill, sit in the sun – and read some books. If you are looking for some blogging and social media marketing books to learn something new, get better at marketing, and even get inspiration: Here are the books you need to read!

This list contains…

Influencer Marketing Tips, Strategies, and Examples: Generate More Awareness

Influencer marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness – when done right. But what works and what doesn’How do you ensure that you are working with the right social influencers and what types of campaigns should you work on? In this blog post, I am going to share my best tips, strategies, and examples to help you generate more awareness for your business.

Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Google AMP Stories

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project was launched by Google in February of 2016 with the goal of putting mobile performance above everything else on the web. And Google definitely met their goal. AMP powers more than two billion mobile pages and 900,000 different domains. Pages with AMP now load twice as fast as pages […]

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Infographic: 27 tips to power your content marketing efforts

Content creators have a tough job. Crafting an incredible video, blog post or infographic can be a formidable task on its own, but fighting for attention online adds an extra layer of difficulty. Why isn’t your creation receiving any engagement? What topics do your customers want to learn more about?

3 Remarkable Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing

Each day about 2 million blog posts, and billions of content pieces on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms are published without fail. Marketers are faced with capturing their own new Pokémon monsters to stand out and lead. Despite these glaring statistics, 76% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers plan to create more content this year.

10 Tips for Branding, Blogging and Social Media Marketing

There’s so much that goes into creating a successful small business marketing campaign. Branding, content marketing and social media all play important roles in this area. So you need to come up with the mix best for you. But members of the online small business community can still offer valuable insights to help you shape your own unique plan.