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Content Curation: A necessary skill for today’s learners

Curation is the “ability to find, to filter, to evaluate, to annotate, to choose which sources are valuable” (Valenza, Boyer , Curtis, 2014). In our information-rich age, not only is it necessary to curate, but creating content from curated resources is an excellent way to consolidate understanding and provides students with the opportunity to think critically and creatively.

Content Curation In Marketing: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

The irreplaceable rule in the marketing world is to provide the content where customers are. With the increasing number of internet users and websites, it is getting more tough. Over 2 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. The volume of content is growing faster. Despite this fact, lack of time to create content and difficulty of finding a variety of topic make content marketing challenging.

6 Experts’ Advice on Content Curation for B2B Brands – B2B News Network


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As a content curator with six years of experience, marketers and business owners interested in the practice often contact me. Nine times out of ten, the conversation starts with this question: What are the benefits?

The short answer is that there are many. I…

Content Curation Above Average is More Than Mindlessly Sharing Links

Along with the content marketing hype there comes another content craze – depending on the context a smaller or bigger one- which is called content curation. Curation is seemingly everywhere, it’s great and everybody either does it or has to do it. It’s true, curation makes sense. Yet. most people don’t even know what curation means let alone practice it strategically.

Guide to Killer Content Curation

Within a second, Google receives over 40,000 search queries. That equates to 3.5 billion searches per day! So how do we manage this ongoing avalanche of new content? In this sea of endless data, content curation has become essential for brands looking to build a relationship with their audience and help buyers and customers find relevant information.

Content Curation for Bloggers

Content curation is a critical step in the content marketing process. Many of our users leverage Triberr for exactly this purpose. They actively review tribal streams and posts from fellow tribemates to identify high-quality content to share with their social audience. Several Triberr users provided feedback requesting more robust content curation functionality within Triberr. Until now, the content universe available was limited to whatever circulated within the Triberr ecosystem.

How To Fuel A Better Email Strategy With Content Curation

Email marketing isn’t dead…it’s just getting harder to do it well. Nowadays, even emails that are segmented with strategic goals in mind can fall flat if they aren’t relevant to the reader.

As Jeff Haws explains on MessageGears:

If you’re going to not just get and keep subscribers, but have…

12 Overlooked But Powerful Content Curation Tools

Creating fresh, original content that keeps consumers coming back for more, on a consistent basis, isn’t easy. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult. According to a recent survey from Content Marketing Trends, more than 53% of marketers don’t have the resources to consistently churn out great content, while a further 40% don’t have the budget to do it.

Content Curation Startup Wakelet: We Contribute To A Meaningful Internet

How would you describe Wakelet in a few words?Wakelet is a content curation platform that lets you save articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and pretty much anything you find online to use later.You can organize and curate the content that you save in story-like collections called Wakes. Wakes can…