How to Choose Your Coffee [Infographic]

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THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION | Are you participating?

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Social influencer marketing grows following among hotels

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99 Collaboration Tools You Should Know in 2019

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Instagram & the Shift Towards Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

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Killer Content Marketing eBook [White Paper]

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Why You Should Use Infographics In Content Marketing

Why You Should Use Infographics In Content MarketingRate this postInfographics are a mix of design, writing, and analysis that communicate complex data. Ideally, Infographics are visually compelling. If presented well, infographics take deep data and … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Trends for Hospitality Industry

Social media and "Big Data" is becoming one of the most important marketing tools for the hospitality industry for 2118 and beyond. Analytics technology and big data have made an incredible amount of information available at the press of a button. … [Read more...]

The Link Between Employee Advocacy And Influencer Marketing

Sprout Social recently published some data about employee advocacy outweighing influencer marketing both from a budget and value perspective in their The 2018 Sprout Social Index. Here are a few data points that caught my attention:. The index also … [Read more...]

Integrating AI with Social Media Marketing to Persuade Profitable Markets

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