12 Game-Changing Hacks for Influencer Marketing

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When it comes to influencers, we as marketers often think like Ross Geller. As a result, what we consider ‘Unagi’ possessed by influencers often turns out to be just another kind of Sushi. We end up falling into the trap of influencers who bring in little value because most…

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Even social networks are struggling with influencer marketing

The following is a guest post from Gil Eyal, CEO and co-founder of HYPR Brands. Aside from the fact that they used a competitor’s platform, Snap’s approach was fairly standard. Snap hired social media star Luka Sabbat to promote Snap Spectacles on Instagram. The relationship was covered by the now standard industry “Pay and Pray” model where brands pay influencers in advance without tying the compensation to any concrete performance metrics.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Influencer Marketing in 2019

Perhaps you’ve wanted to incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy but have been too afraid of the risks. It can seem like a highly competitive industry where only the big companies with huge budgets who treat influencers to lavish trips and extravagant gifts monopolize the attention of those social influencers with over a million followers.

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How the Beauty Transparency Movement Impacts Influencer Marketing

Subscribe to our industry digest newsletter: the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media influencers! Beauty transparency is a phrase that refers to ethics and truthfulness of the beauty industry as it relates to customer knowledge. The beauty industry encompasses the sales of all cosmetic products including makeup, haircare, skincare, and fragrance.

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You Ask, I Answer: How to Evaluate Influencer Marketing Software?

Jim asks, “What should we be looking for in influencer marketing software? We need a BS detector for all the sales pitches.”

Influencer marketing software has to fulfill at least one of three functions:

Identification – finding influencers through proven methods.

Outreach and management -…

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Influencer marketing needs to clean up its act in 2019

If you can’t help but roll your eyes when you hear the word ‘influencer’ then trust me, you’re not alone. Earlier this year, one of the biggest social media influencers in the world told his colleagues to get a real job. So, does this mean the end is nigh for influencer marketing?

While the…

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Does Influencer marketing really work?

Yes, if you do it right. Hint: when you hire an Influencer, ask THEM to recommend the best way they can influence for you rather than telling them what to do. PS/I also recommend to read Interview Influencers with Style..

My 2019 predictions for the state of Influencer Marketing. I’m going to…

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The ROI of Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is all the rage now, and it’s fairly easy to understand why, as brands struggle to get their own organic and even paid content out to their target audiences. I recently explained 5 reasons to work with an influencer, which details why more and more brands choose to work with micro-influencers in particular in order to create content and get that content to actually reach and get engagements from the right audiences.

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Influencer Marketing Lessons from Fashion Nova and Zara

LONDON, United Kingdom — Influencers continue to grow in popularity as a way for brands to appeal to their customer and attract new audiences. However, some fashion brands have been more successful than others, with Fashion Nova, Zara, KKW Beauty and H&M taking the lead in the first half of 2018,…

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The inherent disparity between TV and influencer marketing regulation needs to be fixed

Recently, the ASA put out guidelines which, in their words “help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads.”While I welcome anything that will help drive transparency in the market, I think there is a massive double standard at play when you compare theose to…

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