How can you innovate your email marketing strategy?

When it comes to email marketing, there’s always some discussion about its relevance as a digital marketing channel, in the fast-paced world of instant messaging and social media. However, each time it comes out as a winner in the debate. Email platforms can be used to deliver specific, personalised and prolonged marketing communications to your user-base, making it vital for marketers to use this channel to its full potential and innovate their mail marketing strategy.

Why Is Analysis Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy?

As an inbound professional, you might be sending emails on a daily or evenly hourly basis. But regardless of how many emails you send, you want to know how they’re performing, right? Sending emails takes time, money, and effort from you and your company. Not knowing how those emails performed…

What is Hotter than Content Marketing? Yes, it’s Agile Content Marketing – Relevance

customer requirements, and the marketplace itself, were changing so rapidly that it became important to work in “sprints” — as opposed to the “marathons” many are used to. Agile provides a faster go to market, test, and modification opportunity. This stands in sharp . contrast to the previous “waterfall” method which worked in sequential processes based on a set in stone strategy.

How to monitor your competitors’ content marketing efforts

Can I tell you a secret? Around one quarter of my content marketing strategy is directly informed by what my competitors are doing. It’s immensely helpful to watch their tactics and see how they work in a real time or historic context. All the information I need is at my fingertips, and I didn’t have to gather, curate or analyze it myself.

Influencer Marketing Tips, Strategies, and Examples: Generate More Awareness

Influencer marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness – when done right. But what works and what doesn’How do you ensure that you are working with the right social influencers and what types of campaigns should you work on? In this blog post, I am going to share my best tips, strategies, and examples to help you generate more awareness for your business.

The Future of Content Marketing Is Outside the Marketing Department

burst onto the scene about eight years ago, many marketers have thought of it as one piece of their company’s overall marketing strategy. A big reason content marketing has become more popular over the years is that the practice aligns with the ways customers today are making purchase decisions and the type of information they’re looking for online to make those decisions — all things that should sound pretty familiar to the marketing team.

Your New Super-Weapon: Influencer Marketing in the B2B Environment

The rise of the connected consumer has radically altered the marketing landscape, with the growth of influencer marketing being one of the most visible changes. It’s no longer necessarily the most effective strategy to have a well-known spokesperson or subject-matter expert represent your company in the mass media.

Using SEO To Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

The panda is watching. When it comes to a Google search – a whole lot of factors play a part in where you turn up. But thanks to the 2011 Panda Updates these factors no longer include low-quality, ‘thin’ website content that is stuffed with keywords. If your website is seen as “high-quality” in Google’s eyes, these Panda updates will reward your website with increased SEO rankings, and more importantly – traffic boosts.

Tips to Devise a Solid Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Content marketing has only now started to gain a whole lot of attention. However, unknown to many, it has been in the industry for quite a long time.While the basic idea behind content marketing (storytelling) remains unchanged, the marketing channels have changed considerably over the…

5 Critical Tips for Making Your Content Marketing Strategy More Video Centric

As marketers, we are very fortunate to live in a time when making a video doesn’t require heavy-duty cameras, microphones, world-class actors, fancy editing tools, etc. Nowadays, anyone can shoot a decent quality video directly on their smartphone or with some entry level equipment. The ease of video accessibility in recent years is changing the nature of what defines the concept of marketing.