Content is the fuel that engages your audience on social media.

Content is the fuel that engages your audience on social media. To engage (meaning) to succeed in attracting and keeping somebody’s attention and interest. Here are nine proven ways to create and share engaging social media content. Stop Using … [Read more...]

99 Collaboration Tools You Should Know in 2019

Collaboration tools drive business today. In the last two decades, organizations have learned, sometimes through painful trial and error, that email and meetings aren't adequate tools on their own for people to work together. (Can you believe anyone … [Read more...]

Fast-fashion brands are launching visual search to gain a competitive edge

Omnichannel fast-fashion brands have been challenged to win at e-commerce, and visual search offers a way to gain ground. The post Fast-fashion brands are launching visual search to gain a competitive edge appeared first on Digiday. Source: Digiday … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Infographics In Content Marketing

Why You Should Use Infographics In Content MarketingRate this postInfographics are a mix of design, writing, and analysis that communicate complex data. Ideally, Infographics are visually compelling. If presented well, infographics take deep data and … [Read more...]

A How-to Guide for Influencer Marketing on Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram now has more than a billion active users, while Instagram Stories is up to 400 million daily actives, making it the fastest growing social platform, with a growing amount of influence. But the visual and creative focus of the platform can … [Read more...]

3 B2B Tech Brands with Stand-Out Visual Content Marketing

B2C marketers have all the fun. At least, that's what most people think. After all, B2C marketing is all about being relatable and entertaining, while boring whitepapers and PowerPoint presentations are typically what passes for visual content in B2B … [Read more...]

3 Advanced Strategies for Integrating Your Social Media and Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, there's a lot to know and a lot of hats to wear. In order to be successful, you need a solid content marketing strategy. You need to write great content. You need to create interesting and eye-catching visuals. You … [Read more...]

Content Marketing & Technical SEO Tips

In 2016, Google reported that 20% of the queries it gets today are voice searches. (Source: SearchEngineLand). Around the same time, Mary Meeker shared a prediction that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice or visually based. (Source: Recode). If … [Read more...]

Artificial Intelligence Gets Introduced to Influencer Marketing

Influencer Outreach. IZEA just announced the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) in its influencer platform. Called ContentMine, this feature helps marketers find, organize and share content produced by influencers through the IZEA platform … [Read more...]

Image recognition in ecommerce: Visual search, product tagging and content curation

There are clear use cases for machine learning-powered image recognition in ecommerce - namely visual search, product tagging and content curation. Fashwell is a company that provides such technology, so I asked a few questions of CEO and co-founder … [Read more...]