The Benefits Of AB Testing

abtestingEverything in marketing should be tested to continually refine and improve the performance of the campaign components.

One popular method is called AB testing – sometimes called split testing.

  • This takes one element in isolation and tests it against another variation, in order to compare how well each performs. The winner is then chosen and the process continues with another variant, or a different element to test.
  • This allows any marketing resource, such as a landing page, a website sign up form or a pricing table, to constantly be improving its conversion rates.
  • You may be scratching your head and wondering about where your content may stand in terms of performance levels. If you don’t use Google analytics, then start doing so.

The Benefits Of AB Testing

Continuously AB testing your marketing efforts and resources will progressively increase it’s quality and performance. It can also allow you to find a fault or find a spot where you need to focus more of your attention on, enabling you to increase your chances of spotting and leveraging opportunities others may miss.

  • Once tested, you have the ability to adjust and improve your content marketing to improve it’s impact on your business aims. Quite often, this will ultimately mean earning or saving more money.
  • Before you go on testing your content, you want to be sure of some things first.
  • Think about what marketing components effect your goals and goals.
  • Start at the top of your funnel and work through, testing as many elements as you can that come in contact with your customers.


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