The Demographics of Cell-Phone Internet Users

Internet Use by Cell Phone is preferred by younger and less affluent people.

The Demographics of “Cell-Mostly” Internet Users is young and poor63% of mobile phone owners used their devices to go online  this year, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Despite no gender differences, there are some strong variations in cell-mostly internet use when sorting by age, ethnicity, education attainment and household income.


Predictably, the percentage of mobile internet users who rely mostly on their device for access is higher among younger age brackets.

  • Pew recently found Hispanics to have an above-average incidence of mobile check-in services use, and Hispanics also stand out in this latest survey of cell-mostly internet use.
  • Fully 60% of Hispanic mobile internet users primarily use their phone for internet access. Black Americans aren’t far behind (43%), although only 27% of white mobile internet users are cell-mostly internet users.

Beyond age and ethnicity, there is also a strong skew towards lesser-educated, lower-income respondents.

  • Among mobile internet users, 45% who count their education attainment as high school graduate or below primarily use their phone to access the internet.
  • That’s about twice the proportion (21%) of those with a college degree.
  • Similarly, 45% of mobile internet users with household income of less than $30,000 go online mostly using their mobile phone,
  • compared to 27% of their counterparts in households with at least $75,000 in annual income.
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