Use Already Established Audiences to Build Your Own

Some Criteria for using an Already Established Audiences Strategy, also referred to as “Other People’s Audiences” (OPA).

community_people1. Size

Getting in front of a large audience is, in general, a good idea. But only if you satisfy the other criteria below.

2. Relevance

It’s critical that you build an audience that is relevant to what you do, so the OPA you seek out should be interested in the types of topics that are relevant to your business.

3. Ease of getting started

This one is actually one of the most important. You can’t do everything at once, and there are probably some activities that will be easier for you than others. Pick one or more ideas and generate some personal momentum.

4. Quality of content 

The company you keep defines you.

5. Authority

In a social media environment, interactions with people already recognized as experts is a great thing.

Some of that authority transfers to you by association. You’ll probably need to work your way up to these over time, but it’s smart to be conscious of this as you go along.


Audience (Photo credit: stijnbokhove)

6. Quality of content you can produce

Whether we are talking about presenting, writing, or promoting, it is only worthwhile if you are able to deliver good content to that audience. Pass on opportunities where you can’t bring the good stuff, and focus your energies in the places where you can.

7. Opportunism

Just get out there. Be a part of the community in your industry.

Start using established audiences today to build your audience, because your business needs to have a strategy for building your own audience.

Exposure to established audiences is a great way to build your own, because conjuring-up an audience usually does not work. 

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