What Netflix Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Small business owners struggling to understand the importance of original content development can look to Netflix for an analogy.

With Content marketing there’s content curation, and there’s content creation.


Netflix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Curated content is anything that was written by someone else that you happen to be sharing on your pages; it may be a blog from one of your industry peers.
  • Curated content is useful because it helps you prove that you’re engaged in your industry, and it offers you plenty of content ideas for sharing.

 Developing a Voice – So what was the problem with Netflix relying on curated content forever? There was no real reason for people to pick Netflix over competitive services.


  • Netflix got wise and started building its own stable of shows—and now, if you want to check out such widely talked-about, critically acclaimed shows as House of Cards  you have to get Netflix.
  • Exclusivity has given Netflix power, and Hulu and Amazon Prime have started adopting similar strategies.
  • The implication for content marketing is while curating content can add context, depth, and variety to your social media platforms, original content is a critical, integral component.

It’s what gives your brand a voice, a point of view, and a sense of exclusivity.

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