Why Content Marketing Fails

The front gate to Pixar Studios

In the film industry, Pixar is an unparalleled success. It’s 14 animated films have won 27 Academy Awards and every single one is on the list of highest grossing animated films of all time.

 Yet still, in his recent memoir, Creativity Inc., the President of Pixar, Ed Catmull, laments, early on, all of our movies suck.

” The trick, he points out, is to go beyond the initial germ of an idea and undergo the tortuous process it takes to get “from suck to not-suck.”

 Pixar’s  Catmull says That takes commitment

  • It is the nature of things—in order to create, you must internalize and almost become the project for a while, and that near-fusing with the project is an essential part of its emergence.
  • Catmull sees a personal journey.
  • Most successful people—and successful companies—feel that way about what they do.
  • It takes passion to spend the long, hard hours required to produce anything good enough to make an impact.
  • Excellence is about more than just showing up.

And that’s why most marketers fail at content.

They see it as a strategy rather than a meaningful way to exchange value, a ploy rather than a craft.

Not merely seeking an audience, but to share something important with the world.

If marketers are ever to be successful with content, they will need to learn to think more like publishers.

  • Most enterprises do have something to offer the world.
  • They have important experience, expertise and insights.

Unfortunately, when digital technology empowered them to share anything they want with the world, they chose crap.

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