Why Facebook Advertising Sometimes Fails

Facebook changed  its news feed last year and that put some advertisers on edge. It had to juggle relevant news and updates with all available news and updates, and independently judge, using a variety of signals given by you the user, which were most important.

That unfortunately meant that not every post gets gets shown, and if you want to make your post more important and rank higher in a user’s feed, you had to pay for it. Even Then, There is No Guarantee…

Organic Facebook reach is going down, unless you are not Boring – Facebook’s strategy does have a point.

Not everyone is going to care that Bud Light in sponsoring the latest UFC match. The brand wants the viewers’ eyeballs, the viewer wants the brand to give them something more relevant.

So what can be done to please both sides?

Post Self-Explanatory Photos

Rather than just posting a text status update or just a photo – combine the two into a photo that can easily be understood at a glance.

Gauge Attentiveness with a Quote

It may seem old fashioned, but it still works. A good quote, whether one of your own or one of your favorites.

Link Posts Improve Visibility in News Feed

If one bright spot can be gleaned from the harsh reality of Facebook advertising, it’s that link-based posts’ status in the news feed seems to have improved.

Does that mean you should immediately scrub your campaigns of everything but link-based posts? Not necessarily. But it does stand to reason that by directing more traffic to your site, and you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

via When Facebook Advertising Fails.

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