Be Your Own Brand Champion

The best brands have a person who continually advocates the brand, the brand champion.
Sky Man
The best brands have a person who continually advocates the brand and is the living embodiment of the brand promise. An immediate perception of the brand comes to mind when you hear any one of their names.

They are three of the most powerful brand champions in the world.If you’re trying to build your personal brand, then you need to play the role of brand champion. You need to be your own best advocate. If you’re trying to build your business brand, then either you need to fill the role of brand champion or you need to find someone to fill it.

Corporations are creating Chief Brand Officer positions in an effort to create internal brand champions and guardians. No matter what size your business is, you need someone in a similar role to ensure your brand is always going in the right direction.

About Michael Stuart

Mike's experience in the technology industry is quite extensive, serving both as a designer of complex enterprise applications and as a corporate executive. In his previous life, Mike was founder and CEO of AssetWorks Inc. the industry leader in facility management solutions. Currently living on the Texas coast helping with digital strategies using Amplified Content Marketing.